The flat head assistant.

In the palm of your hand.

Skully Care assists medical professionals through
clinical decision support and offers personalized treatment plans for parents.

Measures and supports baby heads 

Do you recognize these common questions of worried parents

  • 'How bad is it?' 

  • 'What exercises will help?'

  • 'Are we on the right track?'


The answers to these question are now one click away!


Powered by AI

Why professionals use Skully Care

Keep track!

With measuring made easy & automatically generated progress reports. 


Share personalized treatment plans with interactive videos.

Less administration 

Fully automated measuring and patients dossiers. Fill your Electronic Health Records within a few clicks.

Happy parents

With Skully care parents are motivated to act and full of confidence.

What your colleagues and parents say:

I stopped measuring, but now I use Skully Care. It's really nice that parents are so enthusiastic about Skully Care.

Noami, Pediatric Physical Therapist

It's a beautiful instrument for a quick measurement.

Healthcare workers and parents get a clear picture of the degree of flattening.

Isabelle,Pediatric Physical Therapist

We were happy to see that the simple photo’s our therapist took of the head of our son showed the exact asymmetry. Especially the result reports were very helpful and encouraging.

Jody, parent

Used by:

How it works:

Skully care is an AI powered app. Designed for pediatric therapists with state of the art technology.

It uses photo based measuring to determine the flattening of the head.

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